The event rewarded representatives of medical entities in Rio Grande do Norte who attracted events to the state capital.

With the aim of recognizing and appreciating representatives of medical entities in Rio Grande do Norte who contributed to the attraction of technical-scientific events to the state, the Natal Convention Bureau held the first edition of the “Destination Host” award on March 30, 2023. The event, which took place at the Majestic Hotel, received support from the Tourism Secretariat of RN through Emprotur, and Fecomércio RN, as well as institutional partnerships with the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Rio Grande do Norte (CREMERN), the Medical Association of Rio Grande do Norte (AMRN), and the Medical Syndicate of Rio Grande do Norte (SINMED RN).

The prize winners of the “Destination Host” trophy were: Dr. Gutenberg do Amaral Gurgel; Dr. Itamar Ribeiro de Oliveira; Dr. Fernando José Pinto de Paiva; Dr. Marco Antônio Martins Ribeiro de Almeida; Dra. Kátia Correia Lima; Dr. Arnóbio da Penha Pacheco; Dra. Suzianne Ruth Hosanah Lima Pinto; and Dr. Nivaldo Sereno de Noronha Júnior, in memoriam.

“The intention of this award is to create a special moment where we can express our gratitude for the attention, partnership, dedication, and, above all, celebrate the success achieved by these entities through the events they attracted. This achievement is possible thanks to the support provided by Natal Convention in attracting major conferences, making Natal one of the best event destinations in Brazil. We have the potential, and we need to continue exploring the unique advantages that the capital of Rio Grande do Norte offers,” emphasized Leandro Di Martins, the Executive President of Natal Convention.

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